Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight? Know Science

Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight

Dietary fibers have always been synonymous with health and wellness but in recent years we have also been hearing it a lot in weight loss discussions. People try different kinds of supplement ingredients for shedding those excess gains, and one such ingredient that fitness lovers are curious to know about is glucomannan, a plant-based dietary fiber used by many popular fat-burning supplements.

Researchers have found that dietary fibre has a direct correlation with weight loss. In this article, We have researched some of the most prominent scientific studies that support the science behind Glucomannan’s effectiveness in weight loss and how this ingredient works. Let’s take a look.

Key Points To Note
  • Studies show that Glucomannan, like other dietary fiber, helps manage body weight.
  • For dietary objectives, Glucomannan can be as effective and as safe as other dietary fibers.
  • It aids weight loss by regulating glucose parameters, curbing the appetite, and reducing fat absorption.
  • Glucomannan is used by some of the top weight loss supplements which speaks about its efficacy.

What Is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac (also called elephant yam) plant. It is popularly used as an alternative medicine in some Asian countries because of various health benefits.

Most people associate dietary fibers with bowel functioning but in reality, glucomannan supposedly does a lot more than just that. It helps alleviate gastrointestinal issues, promotes gut health, lowers cholesterol, fights digestive issues, and regulates blood sugar levels. All of these directly or indirectly provide weight management benefits.

For those who are concerned about the safety of Glucomannan consumption, the good news is, that this ingredient has been approved by the FDA in 2020 to be included under the dietary fiber label. This is an affirmation that it meets all the criteria for naturally occurring plant-based fibers making it a potentially reliable supplement. Glucomannan is used in different forms as a food emulsifier or thickener, in the form of supplements, or in powdered form for consumption.

Can Glucomannan Actually Aid Weight Loss

Can Glucomannan Actually Aid Weight Loss

Glucomannan, or dietary fiber supports weight loss in three major ways – suppressing appetite, balancing glucose levels, and accelerating fat metabolism. All of these factors are key to burning fat and losing weight. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas and see how science backs them up.

Before we start though, it is important for you to know that not every research paper published on this subject mentions Glucomannan as the ingredient or supplement; instead, several studies have used dietary fiber in general as the term. Since the FDA has given glucomannan the dietary fiber label, the studies we discuss can be considered for glucomannan as well.

1) Suppressing Appetite

Dietary fibers have long been appreciated by fitness enthusiasts for their ability to curb hunger. This helps to stay satiated with fewer calories enabling you to stick to a calorie-deficit diet which is an essential step when you are trying to shed weight.

In a direct study to evaluate Glucomannan’s appetite-controlling ability, 20 overweight subjects were supplemented with 1g glucomannan an hour before meal consistently for 8 weeks. After the trial period, researchers found that there was a significant reduction in weight in the test subjects who consumed glucomannan and lowered cholesterol levels. Furthermore, there were no adverse effects on the body as well.

The findings from another study confirmed that dietary fiber or glucomannan supplementation can significantly decrease body weight, increase satiety, and lower food intake. It also balances energy levels despite calories restricted diet.

Now in case you are wondering what could be the mechanism behind its effect, glucomannan is a low-energy density fiber that absorbs water from the stomach and intestinal tract and swells up. This gives you a feeling of fullness and satiation thus keeping you away from snacking.

2) Controlling Glucose Levels

The glucose levels in the body have a direct connection with our body weight and high blood sugar can inhibit fat metabolism leading to rapid weight gain. That is why, many fat burners include dietary fiber as one of the key ingredients as it regulates and maintains the sugar levels; because excess sugar in the blood increases food cravings.

Glucomannan, which is rich in fiber, has been found to be effective in improving and balancing sugar in the blood and lowering the cholesterol levels in patients with diabetes. Another concrete study on the beneficial effects of fiber further confirms that dietary fiber consumption can significantly improve glycemic levels and improve insulin actions in patients with type II diabetes.

3) Accelerating Fat Metabolism And Preventing Fat Absorption

Accelerating Fat Metabolism And Preventing Fat Absorption Supplements Glucomannan

Fat Metabolism plays a key role in weight management and supplements like dietary fiber and glucomannan both contribute significantly to this process. (Read our article on how ingredients increase metabolism which also includes Glucomannan). An elevated and efficient metabolic function not only breaks down the stubborn fat from various parts of the body but also prevents the storage of new fat in the body. This paves the way for faster weight loss.

A study from 2010 shows that adding fiber-rich food has a significant positive influence on fat metabolism. It does it in two ways- first by browning the white adipose tissue and second, by triggering thermogenesis and lipolysis in the adipose tissues.

Glucomannan, or dietary fiber helps convert the white adipose tissues (WAT) in the body to something called brown adipose tissues (BAT) and activate them. Activation of BAT has been found to improve glucose levels and increase the metabolic benefits in the body.

Dietary fiber also triggers adipocyte lipolysis and thermogenesis which helps reduce the fat mass in the body by converting them to energy. There are numerous other studies that have shown how thermogenesis from various ingredients can promote fat elimination from the body thus helping to lose weight.


The studies and data that we have presented in this article are strong evidence that glucomannan and dietary fiber can help you lose weight.

It is important to keep in mind that even though many of the above research papers have used the name ‘dietary fiber’ in their work, not every fiber gives a similar outcome. Glucomannan has been widely accepted as one of the most effective and good ones in terms of both safety and efficacy. It has a positive influence on various crucial weight reduction factors like appetite, blood sugar, metabolic function, and cholesterol levels. However, like any other ingredient or supplement, glucomannan offers optimum benefits when coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle.