Conclusions (CI13)

The available data show that in areas were assessment is possible the key nutrient concentrations are in ranges characteristic for coastal areas and in line with the main processes undergoing in the interested area. The result also confirm the validity of this indicator as support in assessing eutrophication. Coastal Water type assessment criteria for reference condition and boundaries for key nutrients in the water column have to be built and harmonised through the Mediterranean region, which will greatly help the implementation of a clear sampling strategy with a simplified approach in monitoring design and data handling for the future implementation of IMAP.

Whilst data was available through the MEDPOL database, and substantial data is also available through EEA, EMODnet-Chemistry ( and other sources, priority should be given to ensure Mediterranean countries regularly report quality assured data nutrient data to UNEP/MAP in line with IMAP, and ensure common reporting. Potential integration of data-sets in the future could be considered with EMODnet-Chemistry.