Coastal Ecosystems and Landscapes (EO8)

EO 8 Coastal ecosystems and landscapes

The natural dynamics of coastal areas are maintained and coastal ecosystems and landscapes are preserved.

Key Messages:

  • Mediterranean coastal areas are threatened by intensive construction of buildings and other infrastructure that can impact landscapes, habitats and biodiversity. The national reporting on state and evolution of coastal zones is required by the ICZM Protocol.
  • The length of coastline subject to physical disturbance due to the influence of man-made structures (CI 16) has not been systematically monitored. The only country that has implemented the monitoring of the EO8 common indicator on a national level by this moment is Italy, with Montenegro and France performing similar inventories. These results indicate rates of artificialization are increasing steadily due to increased population and use of coastal areas.
  • Targets, GES thresholds, measures and interpretation of results regarding this indicator should be left to the countries due to strong nation-specific socio-economic, historic and cultural dimensions and geographical conditions.
  • It is a choice of a fixed reference coastline that each Contracting Party should select in order to assure comparability of results between successive reporting exercises. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to find out that more than one ‘official’ coastline exists for the same Contracting Party produced with different technological techniques. In addition, coastlines change due to coastal erosion, sea level rise and morphological modifications. If spatial resolution is too low or time period is too long, manmade structures could be poorly identified or completely missed with heavy consequences on the calculation of length of artificial coastline.

Regular reporting for all Ecological Objectives should be established/strengthened.